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Steel rod product range and technical requirements

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Can be divided into product categories: steel rod by Use: Ø Construction Steel Rod Ø bridge steel rod Ø pier steel rod Ø dock Steel Rod Ø stainless steel rod Ø High strength Bolt. 6 intensity levels: 1080, 835, 650, 550, 460, 345, the diameter range Ф10mm-300mm
Technical requirements: Ø rod end is subject to forging upsetting, the effective cross-sectional area of the thread is not less than the middle of a round rod parts reach various parts of the strong; Ø steel anchorage and other strong design theory, its carrying capacity value is not less than the rod bearing capacity value; Ø rod shall be subject to the overall heat treatment to improve the overall mechanical properties of each furnace are placed with the rod the same diameter with the furnace sample, sampling from a radius of 1/2, the measured mechanical properties meet "steel rod" (GB / T20934-2007) requirements; standard ring gauge Ø threaded plug detection, to ensure that the same parts interchangeability; Ø finished product, 85% of the parts are subjected to tensile test detects the yield load, Paul set out 10 minutes, the residual The deformation rate of not more than 0.2%. Tel:0372 2256782  
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