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    1. In order to give clients a better understanding of foundation anchor cage, we make a anchor cage model in our factory. Positive responses were received after customer seeing the model by themselves. So we made this article. If more questions, welcome to contact infor@aylttg.com, our colleagues will reply you within one work day.


    2. Anchor bolt cage modle show


    Figure 1

    one anchor bolt cage is often consist of anchor bolts, upper ring, lower ring, splice plates, nuts, washers, PVC sleeves, protective caps, heat-shrink tubes, support stand bolt assemblies, etc. (See Figure 1). According to different drawings and technical requirements, there will be different quantities, dimensions, properties, payment terms, shipment, etc. In some cases, the upper ring, (which is also called alignment ring) will be removed after the lower ring (which is also called embedment ring) and anchor bolts were installed and grouted. Then the tower bottom T Flange will be fastened with those anchor bolts. Although the install methods are different between full cage or no upper ring cage, but the products are the same.


    3. Foundation anchor bolt 

    anchor bolt

    Figure 2

    3.1 Foundation anchor bolt material

    We mostly choose steel grade 42CrMoA, EN 10083-3-2006 42CrMo4ASTM A193/A193M

    Please contact us for raw material original mill test certificate.

    3.2 Properties

    Table. 1 Mechanical properties

    Grade Dia Tensile
    Limit RP
    Stress Under
    Proof Load SPf/MPa
    Elongation after
    fracture A/%
    Reduction oF Area after Fracture Z/% Rockwell Hardness
    Bolt Length
    -40 ℃ Impact
    Absorb Energy
    min max max
    8.8 M16
    830 660 600 12 52 23 34 12000 27
    9.8 900 720 650 10 48 28 37
    10.9 1040 940 830 9 48 32 39
    12.9 1220 1100 970 8 44 39 44

    Our anchor bolt products have super high yield strength(up to 1100 MPa) and tensile strength(up tp 1220 MPa). Regarding impact energy, our grade 8.8 anchor bolt everages 60J , grade 10.9 everages 35J which means our products performance much higher than standard requirements.

    3.3 Production procedures

    We will not talk about production flow here, please refer to "Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd - Pre-tensioning anchor bolt production procedures"


    4. Ring

    Upper ring (alignment ring) and lower ring(embedment ring) are split in to sector segments. They will be connected by a splice plate and fastened by bolt assemblies. Please see Figure 3 and Figure 4.


    Figure 3

    Anchor bolt's thread length, PCV tube length will be different while on these positions. (see figure 4)


    Figure 4


    5. Nut and washer

    According to customers' different requirements, there are some different types of nuts in this system. But washers are only placed at bottom of lower ring, and upper of T-Flange (see Figure 5), in order to fasten the bolt and ring. In figure 5, nut and washers are dacromet coated. HDG also provided.


    Figure 5


    6. Nylon Nut

    Nylon nut (see figure 6)will be placed at the lower of upper ring(alignment ring). The main purpose of nylon nut is to level upper ring. (see figure 7)


    Figure 6



    Figure 7


    7. Corrosion protection

    We wrap anchor bolt with corrosion protective oil/ grease + fabric, then cover them by black PVC sleeve. Threaded portion is not included.


    8. Heat shrink black tube

    The main purpose is to protect exposed nut, washer and partial threads.


    Figure 8

    8. Support stand bolt assemblies

    These assemblies will be welded with embedded steels to support stand of the lower ring(embedment ring), and at the same time, level the lower ring. One assembly includes one washer and two nuts.


    Figure 9

    Wirtten by Ms Cora Tsao



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